We are a Danish web development company that has developed a SOCIAL CARING/SECURITY App, LifeSign, based on the 5 areas, that we found, lacking in App support.


We have all heard of, or maybe know, one elderly person, who has fallen on the toilet floor and has been lying there for several days, without being able to get help

Yeah, yeah, we know that they could just have called for help, or that you could have called and ask if everything was ok.

But what if the injured person does not have his phone accessible, and you forget, in your busy life, to call and check, to see if everything is ok?

LifeSign can now help with this and, with the help of warnings, will tell you that something may be wrong, so you, at least, check if you receive a warning from LifeSign, that the counterparty has not responded to the notification/message to remember the simple touch in the app.

So, a ping from LifeSign, – and everything is ok, – and you both can continue your day without worries.


The app also includes an SOS feature, where you with a simple press on the big button quickly send a message to your preselected SOS contact, if you have an emergency. That is, you do NOT have to enter your phonebook to find them, or have to start texting. A quick push of the button and your SOS contact will be notified that something is wrong.


With this simple function, you avoid the eternal discussions with your teen, who never just have time for either writing or calling when he or she has arrived safely at his/her friend or at the party. Now he or she can simply press the I AM OK key to send you a direct message. Can also be used by the friend, who is on a Blind Date, to notify his or hers closest the message, that everything is ok.


Is a super simple click game, and most of all is made as a game/poke feature, so you can always be `Top of Mind`, with those you have in mind. For instance, with your child who always sits with the tablet/phone, or with the sweet woman or man you would like to think of you.


Are you lonely and do not have a large network, you must neither despair or turn off this feature. In the app, you have a list of other LifeSign users who, potentially, like you, search for more security in everyday life. Who knows…? Maybe you could become each other’s LifeSign friends.

This list can be searched both Locally, Nationally and Internationally and at any time be turned off in your settings, so you are not even on the list. However, you will still be able to view the list and apply to others.

We wish you lots of pleasure with your new App!