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1.1 LifeSign is an online consumer service owned and operated by Life Gaming ApS (hereinafter “Life Gaming”).

1.2 These terms and conditions (hereinafter “the Terms”) for using services on LifeSign’s app (hereinafter “the App”) and the LifeSign web service, (hereinafter “the Web”) (collectively referred to as “Service”) governs the relationship regarding the use of the App and the Web between you as a user and Life Gaming.

1.3 It is a condition of the use of the App that you agree to the Terms. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the App. If you are under the age of 13, you must have your parents’ approval to accept the Terms.

1.4 For information on how Life Gaming processes your personal data, please read Life Gaming’s Privacy Policy.


2.1 The LifeSign App is an app where users can easily and quickly stay in daily contact with friends and family and get certainty that they, for instance, are doing well, have arrived as planned, or need help. You can also play the entertaining and fun game, the LifeSign Poke-Game, with your contacts for free.

2.2 Contact information

Life Gaming ApS

CVR No. 41120304.

Contact Life Gaming ApS via our contact form

2.3 If you have any questions about using the App, you can find answers to several questions on LifeSign Web


3.1 To be able to use the Service, you must create a profile. Creating a profile is easy. You can create a profile by providing your email address, first and last name, password, telephone number, country code, zip code and time zone or you can create a profile by linking the LifeSign App to an existing Facebook account. You will then receive an email to verify you as a user of our Service. The profile you create is for your personal use.

3.2 Your password is personal, and you have a duty to treat it as confidential and store it securely. Do not disclose it to others or allow others to access the password. LifeSign stores your password in an encrypted form.

3.3 If you forget your password, you can request your password to be reset. You will receive an email from Life Gaming with a link to reset the password. If you have created your profile by linking the LifeSign App to an existing Facebook account, you have to ask Facebook to reset your password, if you forgot your password.

3.4 If your password or user profile has been misused, please contact Life Gaming immediately using the contact form on our Web.


4.1 Necessary inquiries

4.1.1 Life Gaming will keep you informed of important technical and legal information, such as changes to the Terms or the like, via the email address you provide when you create your profile, via in-app messages, or via push notifications (hereinafter, “Service notifications”).

4.2 Voluntary inquiries

4.2.1 With your consent, Life Gaming will send newsletters to your email address.

4.2.2 Life Gaming will send information about new functionality and other material concerning LifeSign to your email address, via messages in the LifeSign App, and/or push notifications, provided you have given you consent to this.

4.2.3 You may revoke one or more of the consents you have given to Life Gaming at any time. See more about this in section 9.


5.1 How LifeSign works

5.1.1 With LifeSign, you can get a quick and daily message, that your children or other related ones, for example, have arrived as planned. You can also use LifeSign to get reassurance that lonely, sick, or elderly family members are doing well.

5.1.2 If you wish to receive a message (hereinafter “a LifeSign”) from one of your children or other related persons, you must assign an interval of 24 hours to one of your LifeSign contacts for the receipt of a LifeSign. Your LifeSign contact will then receive a message in the App every time 24 hours have elapsed from receiving your most recent request. Your LifeSign contact must confirm the receipt of your message at fixed times by sending a LifeSign. After receiving a LifeSign from your contact, you have one hour to notify that you have received a LifeSign from your contact; otherwise, an alarm will be activated with your LifeSign contact and a notification and a SMS will be sent. Once you have notified your LifeSign contact that you have received a LifeSign from the contact, a new period of 24 hours will commence from the fixed time.

5.1.3 You can select three LifeSign contacts from your general contact list, cf. section 5.6 below, free of charge for the receipt of a LifeSign. To select further LifeSign contacts, you must buy such contacts in the LifeSign Shop.

5.2 SOS button

5.2.1 The SOS button is a simple personal alarm designed to ensure that you can maintain safe and independent contact with elderly or sick relatives.

5.2.2 You can select an unlimited number of contacts from your contact list to be notified of your call for help, if you need help. An alarm will sound from the App, and the selected emergency contacts will also receive an SMS from you notifying them of your call for help, if you have bought a SMS package.

5.3 The SOS button requires your mobile phone has signal coverage and notifications to be turned on for you to use this functionality.

5.4 The LifeSign Poke-Game

5.4.1 The LifeSign App gives you access to play LifeSign (hereinafter “the LifeSign Poke-Game”) with your friends.

5.4.2 Quite simply, the LifeSign Poke-Game is a game where the players must take turns clicking the button until the time expires. The player who fails to click the button before the time expires loses the game. Players can always see the remaining time for the ongoing game.

5.4.3 In the LifeSign Shop, you can buy automatic clicks that automatically click the button before your time expires.

5.4.4 You can play three games simultaneously for free. If you want to buy additional games or access to an unlimited number of games, you can do so in the LifeSign Shop.

5.4.5 You can select three gaming contacts from your general contact list, cf. section 5.6 below, free of charge for playing the LifeSign Poke-Game.

5.4.6 The applicable prices of automatic replies, contacts or additional games can always be found in the LifeSign Shop.

5.5 The LifeSign Shop

5.5.1 In the shop (hereinafter “the LifeSign Shop”) you can purchase additional functionality and services. Among other things, you can buy automatic clicks, extra games, SMS packages, extra contacts and message characters, if the message is longer than 140 characters.

5.5.2 If you do not want banner ads to appear in the App, you can purchase the ad-free version in the LifeSign Shop.

5.5.3 Payments for purchases in the LifeSign Shop will be based on an agreement that you enter into with a third party. Life Gaming is not responsible for any matters concerning payments.

5.5.4 You can always find the applicable prices of the additional functionality and services in the LifeSign Shop

5.6 General contact list

5.6.1 You can add an unlimited number of contacts to your general contact list free of charge. To do this, send a friend request to people you know. Please refer to section 5.8 below.

5.6.2 You can always delete a contact by sliding left to right to push the delete button. If you want to edit a contact, you will also slide left to right, after which you can edit the contact.

5.7 Publicly available contact list

5.7.1 When you create a profile, your username/name will automatically become available in the App’s publicly available contact list.

5.7.2 By using the public contact list, you can find known and unknown people you would like to get in touch with. At the same time, you make your name available locally, nationally, and internationally to other contacts on the list.

5.7.3 By using the opt-in and opt-out button under ‘Settings’ in the App, you can select whether you want your username/name to appear in the public contact list in the App.

5.8 Friend requests

5.8.1 You can send friend requests to people you know by adding them from your contact list on your mobile phone or from the public contact list in the App to your list of contacts in the App. You will always be able to see any pending friend requests in the LifeSign icon.

5.8.2 Once you have added someone to your contact list, you can, always later delete the person from your contact list and/or block them if you no longer want the specific person to be able to contact you.

5.8.3 By using the opt-in and opt-out button, you can select whether you want to receive friend requests from people you do not know.

5.9 Messages

5.9.1 You can easily write and send messages with up to 140 characters to friends or family using the LifeSign App. This service is free.

5.9.2 If you need to write longer messages, you can buy access to this feature in the LifeSign Shop.

5.9.3 If you do not want a specific person to write to you, you can always block them under ‘Settings’ in the App. Blocking a person will remove the person in all contacts list, including LifeSign contacts, friend request, SOS alarm friends and Gaming friends.


6.1 Life Gaming holds all rights to the App and all other material in the LifeSign App. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrights, property rights, and trademark rights to the LifeSign App.

6.2 You retain the rights to any material you post using the LifeSign App, but you grant Life Gaming a non-exclusive right of use to this material so that Life Gaming can provide the App to you.

6.3 As a user, you get a non-exclusive right of use to the LifeSign App. Life Gaming may revoke this right of use at any time.


7.1 Life Gaming always strives to avoid errors, defects, and malfunctions related to the App. However, these may occur. Life Gaming appreciates any information on such matters and will seek to remedy such matters as soon as possible.

7.2 Life Gaming is not liable to its users in the event of errors, defects, malfunctions, or removal of functionality.


8.1 The App requires your phone to have an Internet connection to use the App’s functionality. The App’s quality as regards speed and ease of use may vary depending on the phone model and speed of the network. Life Gaming ApS assumes no responsibility for the possible impact your Internet connection and telephone subscription service may have on the usability of the App.


9.1 You may always revoke one or more of the consents you have given to Life Gaming. This may, for instance, be to receive marketing emails. Consents can be revoked in the App under ‘Settings’, or you can revoke your consent by contacting us via our contact form

9.2 If you revoke one or more of your consents, you will still have access to your user profile on the App, but the use of some features may be limited.


10.1 Life Gaming can never be held liable for your use of the App. This includes, but is not limited to, actions or omissions that are made based on information provided by the App. Your use of the App is always your responsibility and your own risk.

10.2 For example, Life Gaming cannot be held liable for:

  • Cases of default, loss, delay, or failure of data transmissions.
  • Any direct or indirect damage that occurs as a result of the inability to use the App, including in particular the loss of data on your system.
  • Any kind of damage caused by you, your devices, and data stored on these devices, or the consequences that may arise related to your use of the App.
  • Messages and/or data sent to false, incorrect, or incomplete addresses.
  • Where data are not received for any reason or where the data received are illegible or unmanageable.
  • Where, for whatever reason, you are unable to access the Web, the App, including cases of maintenance, updates, or technical improvements.
  • Where the connection is disconnected regardless of the reason.

10.3 Also, Life Gaming cannot be held liable for any instance of improper use of the App and/or accidents related to the use of the App. Life Gaming is in no way liable for damages of any kind to you, your devices, or data stored on these devices, or for any consequences that may arise as a result.

10.4 Do NOT rely on the App. If you are not sure how your contacts are doing, you should contact them. That your contacts provide a LifeSign is not a guarantee of their well-being.

10.5 Life Gaming is not liable for non-compliance with the agreement, damage, or loss in the event of force majeure, which includes, among other things, virus or hacker attacks, crashes or failures in communications systems, power failure, subcontractors’ force majeure, and other unforeseen circumstances that LifeSign could not reasonably anticipate or avoid.


11.1 If you disagree with the Terms or no longer wish to use LifeSign for any reason, you may delete your user profile at any time. If you wish to delete your user profile, this can be done under ‘Settings’ in the App.

11.2 Life Gaming may terminate our agreement with you to use LifeSign App at any time and without notice and may delete your user profile. If Life Gaming terminates our agreement with you, Life Gaming will contact you via the App or the email address you provided when creating your user profile.

11.3 Deleting your user profile permanently deletes or anonymises all data recorded on your LifeSign user profile and cannot be restored. You cannot make any claims against Life Gaming if your account is deleted.

11.4 After deleting your user profile, this can no longer be used


12.1 If any disputes arise between you and Life Gaming, these must, to the extent that it is legal, be handled in accordance with Danish law, without regard to Danish law’s rules on international choice of law and forum, before the ordinary Danish courts, at Life Gaming’s local court at any time.


13.1 Life Gaming may change these changes at any time and without notice. The latest version is always available under ‘Settings’ in App.

13.2 You will be notified of changes to the Terms via the email address you provided in your user profile, as a message in the LifeSign App, via push notification in the App, or via the App’s chat feature. If you do not agree to the amended terms, you will no longer be able to use the App and Life Gaming will be entitled to delete your profile.


14.1 These Terms have been last updated in October 2020 and replace all previously applicable conditions.